Search’s Vertical Future

JupiterResearch’s report, Vertical Search, concludes that the search industry will evolve like other media markets did before, with broad-based search engines spawning a raft of vertical search engines dedicated to specific categories. SearchViews concurs with the analogy, describing the vertical evolution of the TV industry.

Niki Scevak, author of the JupiterResearch report, says that broad-based search engines are extremely good at navigating vast amounts of information, but [there is] a large opportunity to enhance the consumer experience with vertical search.

We couldn’t agree more. General search engines like Google and Yahoo are great for what they are, but work very poorly for specialized searches such as jobs. We believe vertical search is today where general web search was seven or eight years ago.

Many parameters at the core of the astounding recent progress in general search – including relevance, comprehensiveness and ease of use – are also at the heart of vertical search. A number of new search engines are trying to tackle these issues in different verticals, and Indeed is pioneering search for jobs with over 75,000 new jobs each day from hundreds of different sources.

Side note: Niki Scevak also recently commented on vertical classifieds in his blog.