All posts from: February 2005

Vertical Search Wars

Fred Wilson and Tom Evslin disagree on the future of vertical search. Fred blogs that vertical search is here to stay:

“If I was looking for a job, I’d go to Indeed …

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Hotjobs & Microsoft RSS Feeds

Tony Gentile blogs about Recruitment RSS feeds and notes that HotJobs now has RSS feeds. All jobs from Hotjobs are already available via

Tony also asks Scoble who he has to …

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Search’s Vertical Future

JupiterResearch’s report, Vertical Search, concludes that the search industry will evolve like other media markets did before, with broad-based search engines spawning a raft of vertical search engines dedicated to specific categories. …

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Indeed Media Center

We added a Media Center today. It includes some selected coverage of Indeed on blogs and in the Press.

We know how important it is to communicate a clear message to users …

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The Rise of Search Feeds

Mary Hodder blogs about her evolving feed-reading habits. She shares that most of her feed subscriptions are search-based, mainly using keywords and URLs with services like Technorati, and that she is relying …

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