So, You’re Also Looking for a New Job?

Fortune reports that 75% of employees in the US are looking for a new job, based on a recent survey by SHRM.  That’s about 100 million people. A desire for more money, better career opportunities, and dissatisfaction with current jobs are cited as the top motivations.

Anyone who has spent time looking for jobs online knows what an intensely frustrating experience it can be.  Job listings are spread through literally thousands of job sites, newspaper sites, niche sites, association sites and company career pages.  Many job seekers struggle daily with the impossibility of checking all these sources.

So, if you know any of those 100 million people, please tell them about Indeed.  From the feedback we’ve had, we know it is already making some people’s lives easier.

And for those who’ve found another job, Fortune’s Ask Annie column has some useful tips on how to go about quitting your current job.