Keep the Feedback Coming!

We’ve had some great feedback since we went live at the end of November.  We’re pleased that bloggers in the search & technology industry have been talking about Indeed, including John Battelle, Gary Price, Barry Schwartz, and Robert Scoble.  All feedback is really helpful, especially during our beta stage.  Thanks and please tell us whenever you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms.

Here are some compliments we came across recently on blogs:

“I have to say this has got to be the end-all, be-all for job searching.”

Web Analytics Demystified

“This is a ‘Why didn’t I think of it?’ idea and a good one.”


Indeed “has just become my top choice to refer job seekers to.”

Sites & Soundbytes

“Very cool…This will come in very handy as I start searching for new positions in 2005!”


“Ooooh! Very, very cool: Just what this disillusioned cog needs in her Christmas stocking this year.”

One Smart Woman

“If I were looking for a job I would use this cool new job search engine…You enter a job title, keyword, or company and the city, state or zip and then hit ‘Find Jobs.’ Simple as that. The cool thing is that you can subscribe to the search results via RSS.”