The Millennial Advantage: How This Determined Generation Will Succeed

Indeed Chief Economist Tara Sinclair explains how millennials will yet succeed in the new economy.

By some measures, millennials are now the largest generation in today’s workforce. And as baby boomers retire, this younger generation will dominate even more. For years, popular discourse on millennials was full of worry. Their early working lives were shaped by the recession, not always able to find jobs that matched their skill level, past experience or future goals. …

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Indeed Resume

Learn how to make your resume stand out.

Every day thousands of employers search for candidates using Indeed Resume. But with 2 million new resumes added each month, how can you make sure employers find yours?

The best resumes entice potential employers, clearly communicate how the candidate is a great fit for the role and use data to highlight achievements. By taking the time to understand the …

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Friday’s Job Numbers Preview: Is the Economy Slowing Down or Gearing Up?

Indeed's Retail Job Seeker Interest Score shows that candidates are less interested in retail jobs than they were last year, a trend being felt by employers in multiple sectors.

Last month’s job gains disappointed, with the US economy creating only 142,000 jobs in September and average monthly job growth for the year to date sitting at 198,000, down from 260,000 in 2014.

Early forecasts are slightly above last month, which would be great numbers if we were at the labor force participation rate seen before the Great Recession. Unfortunately, …

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Why is it Getting Harder to Hire in the Restaurant Industry?

Consumer spending is up, which means more people are eating out and employers can't find workers fast enough.

The economy is steadily improving and today, more people have discretionary income to spend on leisure, travel, or eating out—and this rise in consumer demand has resulted in thousands of new job openings in food service and hospitality. The increase in job opportunities in this sector has contributed to the low unemployment rate in the US, down to 5.1%. But …

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