Why Administrative Professionals Day Matters—and Why These Jobs Are Hard to Get

Administrative professionals' day is a time to reflect on the crucial importance of these roles in any office

Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day—a time to thank the people who manage the big schedules and the big egos but often don’t get the big paychecks. From Indeed’s perspective, it’s also a time to ask: just how sought after are administrative roles in the age of organization apps and shared calendars?

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is that “administrative assistant” continues …

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Video: 4 Tips for Building a Reliable Candidate Pipeline

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We recently heard from Indeed’s Matt Burney about the importance of sequencing your recruiting tactics to attract more active, inbound candidates and maximize your recruitment budget.

The next step in attracting talent in the modern market, says Employer Insights Strategist Aaron Schwartz, is building a strong candidate pipeline to ensure a consistent flow of great applicants to your jobs. Here …

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Indeed Employer App Transforms Mobile Devices into Hiring Tools

Hire successfully from anywhere with the Indeed Employer app.

Employers and candidates are increasingly connecting to one another via mobile devices.

Available on both Apple and Android platforms, Indeed Employer brings key functionality of the desktop experience to mobile devices and streamlines recruitment actions. Use the app to:

Post and manage jobs

Use the app to lay out important aspects of your job, including its title, description and screener …

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