The Top 10 States Most (and Least) Affected by the New Federal Overtime Rules

Indeed looks at the impact of new federal overtime rules will have on different states.

Last week, the federal government unveiled new overtime rules for full-time salaried employees. As of December 1, anyone in that category making up to $47,476 a year will be eligible for overtime pay, and the Department of Labor projects that 4.2 million people will receive a boost to their incomes as a result.

This new threshold more than doubles the …

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How Employers Can Turn the Student Debt Crisis Into a Recruitment Opportunity

The class of 2016 is graduating with record levels of debt. Indeed looks at how employers can use loan assistance to recruit top talent.

While the media loves to stereotype millennials as a spoiled, naive bunch, a new Indeed survey of the graduating class of 2016 paints a different picture of this much-maligned generation.*

Although 86% of the latest wave of millennials to enter the workforce report feeling “somewhat” or “very optimistic” that they will find a full-time job after graduating, we find this …

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How Can You Find More Top Talent? Find Out at Indeed Interactive

Join us at Indeed Interactive to explore inspiring examples of organizational transformation and the key hires who drove it.

Organizations today are tasked with adapting quickly to changing business and technology needs. Navigating this new terrain often calls for game-changing hires with the ability to invigorate teams. These candidates are the recruiter’s holy grail, but how can talent teams attract more of them?

Talent leaders like you are heading to Austin, Texas, May 25–27, to get the answer to …

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