Searches for Remote Work Surge on Indeed: Analyzing the Trend

remote work

As the coronavirus has spread, work has changed for many people. Prior to the outbreak, 29% of employees had the option to work from home. But in an ever-growing number of cities and states, quarantine restrictions mean that only “essential workers,” such as health care personnel and grocery store employees, can leave their homes to perform their jobs.

This leaves …

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Together, We Can Beat This: Indeed Responds to COVID-19

indeed covid-19

A challenge like the coronavirus is unprecedented in modern times. Who would have thought even two weeks ago that we would all be where we are now, with borders closed, city centers in lockdown, and many people facing uncertainty over their jobs and businesses? 

Things are changing by the minute, and how long the situation will continue, we don’t know. …

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Introducing the Indeed Work Happiness Score

work happiness

How do we elevate human happiness? 

Today, many future thinkers are focused on this question. At the state level we see initiatives such as Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, which includes an index used to measure the collective happiness of the population; last year New Zealand introduced its “Wellbeing Budget,” which included billions earmarked for tackling mental health, poverty and …

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